* Early 2000's - A collaboration was established between the Lao PDR Ministry of Health, Lao PDR University Health Sciences, and the University of Calgary to create a Family Medicine Specialist Training Program. Development of a two-year Family Medicine Specialist (FMS) training program began.  The purpose was to provide the foundations of primary care for the country and to enhance rural healthcare. Rural training sites were developed with the aim to produce"Five Star Doctor": clinician, educator, community leader, manager, researcher.


*2002 - Rebuilding the undergraduate medical education curriculum promoting problem-based, practical, hands-on learning and student centered learning techniques.


* 2002 to present - Updating the training of medical educators and students.

Initially, key Lao Medical Educators and Health Care Officials traveled to Calgary for exposure to the Canadian medical education training system.  Existing Lao faculty members were introduced to different teaching tools, including role modeling,

hands-on bedside learning and “one-minute lectures”.  These teaching techniques were implemented in Laos to promote problem based, practical, hands-on learning.   Calgary and Lao Medical Educators have been promoting and facilitating these techniques in Laos ever since.


*2006 to present - Establishing and sustaining medical training facilities in key locations throughout Laos. Four Provincial Hospitals

have been developed into teaching centers and are now training facilities for medical students and for the Family Medicine Specialty Training Program.  These are located in:

These facilities provide high standards of educational training by Lao Medical Educators to Lao Medical Students and Family Medicine Specialty Training Program Residents.


* 2006 to present -The first graduating year from the Family Medicine Specialty Training Program. To date there are more than 200 graduates

who are skilled physicians providing improved health care to the people of Laos. These graduates now practice medicine throughout Laos, many in smaller community medical facilities.


*2015 - Facilitating and funding the first textbook of Family Medicine written in Laos language. The textbook was authored by Lao Family Medicine  Specialty graduates and represents the knowledge, skills, attitudes and scope of work of Lao Family Medicine Specialist.


*2019 - The Family Medicine Specialist Training Program curriculum is revamped to  a Three Year Training Program.  Curriculum includes research component.

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